Ad Swap/Sponsor

Thank you for your interest in Squarehead Teachers! Since this blog is still new and growing, I’d love to start off by swapping small ad space with fellow bloggers. Right now, I have space for 6 ads (300 x 300 pixels each). Contact me at squareheadteachers at gmail dot com if you are interested.

I reserve the right to refuse the swap if your blog isn’t a good fit; things I will not post ads for include sites with X-rated content, sites that promote hate toward specific people groups or sites with explicit content. Otherwise, I reserve the right to make a decision about whether your ad will be placed on Squarehead Teachers. Thanks!

Not sure how to place my ad on your blog? I’m sure there are other ways of doing this, but here’s what I did:

1. Go to your WordPress dashboard
2. Upload my image to your media library (on the left sidebar, click “media” –> “add new”)
3. Once it’s uploaded, WordPress should show you the image URL. copy that URL so you can use it in a minute.
4.  On the left sidebar, click on “appearance” –> “widgets”
5. Add an image to your sidebar (drag/drop the image option to your sidebar)
6. Add the URL you just copied to the space where it asks you for the image URL
7. Where it says “Link to” type
8. Click “save” and “close”
9. View your blog to make sure it worked.

2 thoughts on “Ad Swap/Sponsor

  1. I’m a teacher that writes children’s educational songs and would love to swap an ad but I don’t know anything about wordpress. My sister built my site with ever web. Please advise. Thanks!

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