Why did you start this blog?

That’s a great question. This blog is where my addiction to Photoshop, my love of teaching, and desire to help others meets. Here, I feel like I’m really helping teachers, parents and communities make a difference in the lives of today’s children.

Do you have a store on Teachers Pay Teachers?

Yes, but I don’t have much on it. Click here to see my TpT store. I try to focus on providing free resources, since that’s what I benefit most from as a teacher (short on funding, if you know what I mean). But giving things away for free doesn’t pay the bills, so I’ve added a donate button on my sidebar. Check it out! (wink, wink!)

I’m having a hard time printing Squarehead Teachers projects. Any ideas?

I’m in the process of getting everything converted to PDFs, but in the mean time, I’ve found that often the best way for teachers to print my projects is by right-clicking on the image, selecting “copy image,” and then pasting it into a Word document. Inside Word, you can resize it to fit your needs (full page, half page, etc.). This seems to work on just about any computer. While I create the pages on a canvas that’s the size of regular printer paper (8.5″ x 11″), sometimes printers are configured in a way that can’t read the original format of my projects. If you plan to print from this website often, call your district or school’s tech people and ask them what you can do to work with your printer’s settings.  I’m sorry if this is inconvenient (which I know it is!). I’m working to find a good solution that works for everyone…

Where do you get your graphics? 

I get my graphics from a variety of sources. The official Squarehead cartoons are personally made by my dad. I make some of the graphics on my own using PhotoShop, but a lot of them come from My Cute Graphics, a FABULOUS and free clip art site!

How can I become a sponsor on your website?

Glad you asked! Click here for more information. I also do ad swaps, if you prefer a cheaper option! 🙂

I have an article I’d like you to share with your readers on SQH. What’s your policy on that?

I prefer to post only original materials on SQH and prefer not to just post links to an article previously published somewhere else. However, I’ll occasionally share something I didn’t make myself. I try to be very strict in making sure my posts are geared towards TEACHERS… Not nannies, babysitters, parents (unless they’re acting as a teacher to their child).  Keeping this in mind, feel free to contact me with your ideas. (I’m open to guest blogging, so click here for more info!)

I use resources from your site often and would like to donate to your blog. How can I do this?

Thank you! I’m flattered! You can contribute to Squarehead Teachers through Paypal. Just click here and then enter our email (squareheadteachers@gmail.com) to send us your contribution. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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