My Groundhog Day Prediction (Writing Activity)

Looking for some simple Groundhog Day fun? Here is my 2013 activity (click here) that focused on grammar.  I’m ready for a change, though, so I made this little writing activity for lower grades. PLEASE let it be Spring already!!! Happy Groundhog Day!

Click here to download the free PDF: My Groundhog Day Prediction

“May the 4th Be With You!” Activity

Calling all geeks! It’s May 4th, so you’ve probably already bid your friends farewell by saying “May the fourth be with you!” I probably should celebrate (or at least acknowledge) May 4th at school. I know this next idea is a little late…hindsight is 20/20. I’ll have to do this next year. (Ta-da! Now I’m prepped a year ahead!)

I just saw this free coloring page over at Homeschool Encouragement and thought of a math connection!

Star Wars - Homeschool Encouragement

Print one of these for each student. Then make up a key that might look something like this (choose your own colors if you want):

  • circles = red
  • trapezoids = green
  • rectangles = blue
  • squares = yellow
  • everything else = orange

This way, you’re practicing shapes while you celebrate May the Fourth! If you’re looking to be more interactive, consider having your students create the image above with tangrams.

Here are some other Star Wars themed coloring pages for you to be creative with!

But no matter what you do, may the fourth be with you! 🙂

Snapshot of Spring Break (Writing/Drawing Activity)

Spring Break Snapshot STICKER

Spring Break. Everyone needs the break, but it’s crazy town trying to get kids back on track afterwards. Everyone wants to tell everyone else how their break went, but there’s not really time! So try this approach: Have each kid fill out this page (writing or drawing, whichever you prefer), and then let kids go share their page with 2 or 3 other students. And move on with life! You can provide an opportunity for everyone to share while practicing some basic skills… all in 15-20 minutes!

Click here to view the free PDF: Snapshots of Spring Break

Easter Bunny Application (Writing Activity)

Happy Easter, everyone! As I was making this page, I couldn’t help but smile thinking of all the silly things kids would write on an application to be the Easter Bunny! This will definitely be a fun Easter writing prompt for kids!

Easter Bunny Application Sticker

Click here to download the free PDF: Easter Bunny Application

If you do this with your class, snap a photo of your favorite and I’ll post it!

April Fool’s Day is Almost Here!

April Fool's STICKERDon’t forget that April Fool’s Day 2015 is next Wednesday! Have you already figured out activities or your teacher prank to knock the socks off your students? Check out these ideas:

Shrinking Attendance Clips

Brownies … or is it Brown E’s?

No Prep April Fool’s Day Pranks for Teachers

More April Fool’s Day Pranks for Teachers

The History of April Fool’s Day (printable)


All About Mom (Mother’s Day Printable)

All About Mom STICKERI know we’re not anywhere near Mother’s Day, but I wanted to share it with you while I had some time. I love those pages where kids write about their parents! They’re so sweet (and often hysterical!). I researched questions often found on these forms and made one with my favorite questions. Here you go:

Click here to download the free printable: All About Mom

Spring Ten Frames Worksheet!

Ten Frame- Bunny STICKERThe following worksheet will help kids review their understanding of numbers by coloring in ten frames to represent numbers (20 or less). This page would be fitting for kindergartners or struggling first graders.

Click here for the free printable PDF: Ten Frames – Bunny

Spring Word Cloud (Sort)

Spring word cloudWord clouds are fun. So why not use them in your classroom!? This page lists a bunch of spring-themed words in cloud form. Kids should color each word a specific color based on its part of speech.

Click here for the free printable PDF: Spring Word Cloud