Snapshot of Spring Break (Writing/Drawing Activity)

Spring Break Snapshot STICKER

Spring Break. Everyone needs the break, but it’s crazy town trying to get kids back on track afterwards. Everyone wants to tell everyone else how their break went, but there’s not really time! So try this approach: Have each kid fill out this page (writing or drawing, whichever you prefer), and then let kids go share their page with 2 or 3 other students. And move on with life! You can provide an opportunity for everyone to share while practicing some basic skills… all in 15-20 minutes!

Click here to view the free PDF: Snapshots of Spring Break

Writing About Your Super Spring Break! (printable)

Spring break report sticker

Yup, it’s finally here… SPRING BREAK! But it ends too soon and we’re back to work. But why not preserve fun Spring Break memories and give your students a chance to share their adventures with this easy, fun (and free!) printable!

Click here for the free PDF: Spring Break Write Up

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