Snapshot of Spring Break (Writing/Drawing Activity)

Spring Break Snapshot STICKER

Spring Break. Everyone needs the break, but it’s crazy town trying to get kids back on track afterwards. Everyone wants to tell everyone else how their break went, but there’s not really time! So try this approach: Have each kid fill out this page (writing or drawing, whichever you prefer), and then let kids go share their page with 2 or 3 other students. And move on with life! You can provide an opportunity for everyone to share while practicing some basic skills… all in 15-20 minutes!

Click here to view the free PDF: Snapshots of Spring Break

Easter Bunny Application (Writing Activity)

Happy Easter, everyone! As I was making this page, I couldn’t help but smile thinking of all the silly things kids would write on an application to be the Easter Bunny! This will definitely be a fun Easter writing prompt for kids!

Easter Bunny Application Sticker

Click here to download the free PDF: Easter Bunny Application

If you do this with your class, snap a photo of your favorite and I’ll post it!

Spring Word Cloud (Sort)

Spring word cloudWord clouds are fun. So why not use them in your classroom!? This page lists a bunch of spring-themed words in cloud form. Kids should color each word a specific color based on its part of speech.

Click here for the free printable PDF: Spring Word Cloud

Spring Color By Number Worksheet

Spring color by number STICKERThis is one of my spring color by number pages. It uses simple addition and subtraction, so it’d be good for kindergarten or (maybe struggling first graders). The kids color sections of the picture based on the answer to the question.

Click here for the free printable PDF: Spring Color by Number

Bunny Hat Craft for Kids

This craft made me laugh out loud when I saw the picture. Naturally, I had to share it with you. This bunny hat craft is very simple so children as young as preschool could make it with help. There’s even a nice tutorial at Busy Bee Kids Crafts. Enjoy!

Spring Grammatical Poetry

Another grammar practice activity! This one’s disguised as poetry and centers around springtime. So grab your bonnet and sit among the flowers while you work on this language arts activity! Click here for the PDF: Grammatical Poetry- Spring. It would be really cute to post each kid’s poem next to a spring or Easter craft… just an idea. 🙂

Here’s what the page looks like:

Grammatical Poetry- Spring


Click here for more grammatical poetry!

April Fools Day Prank for Teachers: Shrinking Attendance Clips

My *awesomely clever* friend pulled this prank on her class yesterday: Her class has  attendance clothes pins (that each student moves first thing in the morning to show they’re present). Well yesterday, they shrunk! She went to Walmart and bought the tiny clothes pins and then wrote each student’s name on one. Then she clipped them where the regular sized ones always are. The kids “kind of freaked out!” Love it!!!

Rachel April Fools Prank

(No Prep) April Fool’s Day Pranks for Teachers

April FoolsI’m lame. I’ll just admit it. I usually forget to plan something cool for April Fool’s. I’m the one looking for a last-minute joke to play so I don’t expose myself as a lame-wad. So here are some of my favorite last minute April Fool’s Day pranks for teachers to play on their students:

Last Minute Pranks (No prep required)

  • Assign the kids new seats and then re-assign seats again many times throughout the day.
  • Announce that the awesome field trip that was planned for today is cancelled because nobody brought in their permission slips on time.
  • Tell your kids that because it’s a leap year, they have to stay in class an hour longer every day this month.
  • Tell your students that lunch is cancelled because the cafeteria ran out of food but everyone else at the school got to eat.
  • Ask everyone to turn in their homework that was due TODAY and is worth 90% of their grade for this quarter.
  • A funny prank for little kids is to begin your lesson of the day with your mouth moving but no sound coming out. This REALLY freaks kids out.

Some prep required

  • “Accidentally” show a list of silly files on your computer when you’re getting your projector hooked up. For example, name files “Teachers who might be vampires” or “Celebrity Visits at Our School”
  • Send several kids to the principal’s office for no reason. (Be sure the office and your principal are ok with this.)

More prep required

  • Rearrange all the desks or tables in the room. Maybe change them to all face a different side of the room, making a new front of the room.
  • Switch out all the students’ chairs for smaller ones. When your kids comment, deny that there’s a difference.

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