Fun Group Games: Gotcha!

Gotcha! -This is most definitely one of my all-time-favorite games! Fun to play and to watch!
Players stand in a circle, arms out to the side. Their left palm is up with their right index finger pointing down, touching their neighbor’s outstretched palm. When the teacher says “go,” the players in the circle attempt to both grab the finger of the person on their left hand and prevent their right finger from being grabbed by pulling it away (good to demonstrate this first or do a practice round). The teacher counts, saying “1  . . . 2  . . . 3  . . . (add suspense) . . . go!” If their finger is grabbed, they are out. If a player grabs a finger at the same time their finger is grabbed, they are neutral and get to stay in the game. Repeat several times until only two people are remaining (at the same time, the other players can start a new circle). The trick is in building up suspense before “go!” because many players will jump the gun, adding to the fun. 

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