Weekly Homework Trackers/Planners

WeeklyHomeworkTracker STICKEROne of the hardest skills for kids to learn is to keep track of many tasks on various time schedules. Providing students a weekly homework assignment sheet or planner. I’ve made two versions for you to use in your own classroom, or with your own children. I recommend that if you don’t use a planner in your classroom you provide one to your students’ parents for them to use with their families if they’d like. Here they are!

Click here for the free printables:

Weekly Homework Tracker – Horizontal
Weekly Homework Tracker – Vertical

Flipped Classrooms 101

Maybe you’ve heard about “flipped classrooms” on the news… maybe you haven’t. Either way, here’s what you need to know about flipped classrooms:

Infographic from Knewton.com

Reading Logs (UPDATED)

Many teachers (especially in lower grades) assign reading at home each night. Here’s a reading log series I made with an extra festive touch for different times of the year just for fun. Click on the links below the image to download each page. Enjoy!

reading log – Anytime

reading log – Fall

 reading log- winter

reading log- Spring 1

 reading log- Spring 2

reading log – summer