Don’t Eat Pete! (Fun Party Game)

This game is one of my favorite games ever. It’s killer easy and it’s way fun. You can use candy (M&Ms are my favorite) or any other type of marker (I’ve used Cheerios, Goldfish, paper markers, etc.). Here’s how to play:

1. Using a grid game board (click here to download my free holiday game boards), place one M&M on each square.

2. Send one player away from the board where they can’t see/hear you.

3. The remaining players choose 1 square or candy to be “Pete”. Make sure everyone (except the player sent away) knows what the square is.

4. Invite the player back and they get to take as many candies as they can until they get to Pete. When they touch Pete, everyone says “Don’t eat Pete!”

5. At the end, clear off the board (I give the candy to the kid that just played) and put new candy on for the next kid.

This is especially fun in a group and players who know which one is Pete can trick the guessing player by say “Don’t eat Penelope!” or something just to make them jump! Enjoy!

(You could turn this into a more academic game by requiring the player to answer a question before they get to take a piece of candy…)

Here are some of my favorite treats for this game:

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