Dr. Seuss-Inspired Field Day

This Dr. Seuss-inspired elementary school field day was submitted by Patti, a PE teacher in Arizona. There are 21 stations each class rotates through during the day.  Each teacher stays with his/her own class.  Most of the stations are relays or races with our kids divided into 6 teams.  Each station is named after a Dr. Seuss book.  Click on the image below to see details about the station. Enjoy!

Station 1- sneetch ball Station 2- The butter Battle station 3- ring the gack station 4- one fish two fish red fish blue fish station 5- Yertle the Turtle station 6- the cat's quizzler Station 7- Happy birthday to you Station 8- I'm Not Going To Get Up Today Station 9- Horton Hears A Who Station 10- Green Eggs and Ham Station 11- If I Ran the Circus Station 12- The Lorax vs the Once-lers Station 13- I wish I had Duck Feet Station 14- Horton Hatches the Egg Station 15- Gertrude McFuzz Station 16- Go Dog Station 17- Fox in Socks Station 18- Star Belly Sneetches Tug Of War Station 19- Hop on Pop Station 20- Great Day For Up Station 21- Sneetches Frankfurter Roast


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