Dr. Seuss Field Day- Station 20

Station 20- Great Day For UpI recently learned about an awesome Dr. Seuss-inspired field day planned and organized by Patti, an elementary school PE teacher. Here is one of her 21 stations:

Station 20

Title: Great Day For Up!

Skills: team work, upper body strength

Description: space students equally around the parachute. Have students in “elevator down” position and roll edges 3 times.  Divide the class in half (ex. 28 students #1-14 on 1 team; #15-28 the other team) Give each side a color. Place 2 different sets of color objects in middle of chute. On the cue of “elevator up” students bring chute to waist level and start to shake the chute trying to bump the other team’s items out. The team that gets all the other teams items out. 1st team to succeed scores a point. The game begins again until the rotation horn is heard. (K-2’s hands might get tired after 2 min so elevator down let them wiggle their fingers and start again you can see when they are getting tired.) 


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