Sneaky Leprechaun Word Swap (Context Clues)

Looks like those pesky leprechauns have done it again! Use the context clues to figure out which words the leprechauns have swapped out for silly ones.

Free printable for upper grades! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Download the free printable PDF: Sneaky Leprechaun Word Swap with Answer Key

Click here for more St. Patty’s Day stuff!

Exploring the Dictionary (Practice Printable)

A few weeks ago, I posted this page on We Are Teachers (Click here to view the post). It’s a fairly easy practice page for using the dictionary. Enjoy!

Exploring the Dictionary Preview

Write On Plastic Pocket Charts

Check out this cool idea a reader submitted. It’s simple, but genius!
If you use a pocket chart to hold vocabulary words, you can diagram them right on the pocket! Use an overhead marker or a whiteboard marker to diagram words onto the clear front pocket of the chart! This way, you can leave it up for the week while you’re focusing on a specific principle, and you don’t have to write on the word strip.
pocket charts
Have any other great ideas?  Send them to me (squareheadteachers at gmail dot com) and I’ll post them on this blog! Thanks!
pocket charts 2

Spring Word Cloud (Sort)

Spring word cloudWord clouds are fun. So why not use them in your classroom!? This page lists a bunch of spring-themed words in cloud form. Kids should color each word a specific color based on its part of speech.

Click here for the free printable PDF: Spring Word Cloud

Valentine Words Activity Page

Valentine word activity page copy

Here’s a fun “fast finisher” to give your students if they’re done with an assignment early. They’re asked to alphabetize, sort and draw a few basic Valentine words. Happy Heart Day!

Click here for the free printable PDF: Valentine word activity page

I’m Thankful For… (Nouns!)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! Print this page off and let your class (or Thanksgiving dinner guests) Brainstorm something (noun) they’re thankful for. Maybe give them a few minutes to see how many they can letters they can write something down for (1 word per line/letter). Then share your answers. (If you’d like to play this game the Scattergories* way, it would be fun too…) Click here for the free printable worksheet: Thankful for Nouns

Thankful for Nouns STICKER

*Scattergories is a creative-thinking category-based party game (Milton Bradley Co.). The objective of the game is to score points by uniquely naming objects within a set of categories (Thanksgiving, in this case), given an initial letter (or one for each letter), within a time limit.

Thankful Words (Thanksgiving Activity)

Thankful words sticker

Why not sneak some word sorting and alphabetizinginto your November fast-finisher activities? This fun Thanksgiving printable activity includes some alphabetizing, sorting and drawing centered around Thanksgiving words. Click here for the free PDF: Thankful words

Great Language Arts Ideas

I never get tired of Pinterest. There are so many great ideas, and it’s just fun! Here are some of my favorite finds as of late…

Use clips to connect the letter cards to make words. Also helps develop fine motor skills… and it’s just a fun way to activity to use with spelling words! (source)


Make a salt tray and grab some alphabet cards. Easy to make and kids have fun smoothing out the salt after correctly making the letter. (source)

Craft a kite that displays contractions! Super simple, and it would make a great classroom bulletin board! (source). Click here for more activities using contractions.