Don’t Eat Pete Board – St. Patrick’s Day

I’m pretty fond of this new Don’t Eat Pete board (updating my collection here!). I think it turned out nicely, so I wanted to share with you! Perfect for any St. Patrick’s Day party, this would work perfect with Lucky Charm cereal or rainbow Skittles for the treats!

Click here to download the PDF: Dont Eat Pete Board – St Patricks Day

Here’s how to play Don’t Eat Pete:

3 – 10 kids sit around the game board. The adult or moderator puts a small treat (M & M, chocolate chip, Cheerio, or whatever) on each number. The “guesser” leaves the area so they can’t see or hear what’s going on. Another person points to a number to choose “Pete”. The “guesser” comes back and starts taking the M & M’s (or whatever) off the board and gets to eat them. When the guesser touches “Pete”, everyone yells, “Don’t Eat Pete!!” and the guesser’s turn is over. The guesser eats the last one he got called out on to keep it sanitary!

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Sneaky Leprechaun Word Swap (Context Clues)

Looks like those pesky leprechauns have done it again! Use the context clues to figure out which words the leprechauns have swapped out for silly ones.

Free printable for upper grades! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Download the free printable PDF: Sneaky Leprechaun Word Swap with Answer Key

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St. Patrick’s Day Word Graphing

If you’re lucky, St. Patrick’s day will fall during Spring Break or on a holiday. If not, then you’re got to embrace all the green and pinching that is St. Patty’s Day! Here’s a simple page to give your students to acknowledge the celebration of Irish culture, while secretly (or not so secretly) practicing graphing. 🙂

Click here to download the full size printable: Sight Words Graphing – St. Patrick’s Day

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Missing Letters – St. Patrick’s Day ABC Worksheet

Check out this St. Patrick’s Day freebie I posted over at We Are Teachers recently! It’s perfect for pre-K or kindergarten, or students needing a review of the English alphabet. Enjoy!

Missing Letters PreviewClick here for more St. Patrick’s Day freebies!

St. Patrick’s Day Pattern Art Project

Clover Pattern STICKER

How is it March already!? This blows my mind! Anyway, remember the snowflake and Valentine’s Day pattern art projects I posted recently? Well, I made one more of those, but this time, they’re clovers for St. Patrick’s Day!  The basic idea is that you fill in each section with solid color or a pattern. Each one will turn out very different, but still pretty cool! Again, you can let your students make their own from scratch by letting them trace different sized clovers on their own paper instead of using the printable below.

Click here for the free printable PDF: Pattern Party- Clover

Double Digit Addition (3)

Double Digit Addition fox STICKERHere’s the last of my series of 3 worksheets for double digit addition. This worksheet is appropriate for lower grades.

Click here for the free printable PDF (with answer key): Double Digit Addition – Fox

Double Digit Addition

Double Digit Addition Robot STICKERLearning how to “carry” numbers from the ones place to the tens place is hard for kids. When you’re learning this skill (used in double digit addition), there’s no such thing as too much practice. Here’s one of my series of 3 addition worksheets (for lower grades).

Click here for the free printable PDF (with answer key): Double Digit Addition – Robot

St. Patrick’s Day Word Sort

St. Patricks Day Word Sort STICKER

Word clouds are really trendy right now. I was playing around with them and came up with this worksheet. Kids will color each word a certain color if it’s a certain type of word (proper noun, common noun, other). Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Click here for the free printable PDF: St. Patrick’s Day Word Sort