St. Patrick’s Decimals and Fractions

Leprechaun Decimals & Fractions STICKERI recently worked with a 4th grader on finding equivalent decimals and fractions. It inspired me to make this St. Patrick’s Day worksheet about it. I tried to use common fractions (1/3, 1/4, 1/2, etc.) This worksheet is appropriate for upper grades. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Click here for the free printable PDFs: Leprechaun Decimals and Fractions
Leprechaun Decimals and Fractions KEY

St. Patrick’s Day ABC Order

St. Patricks Day ABC Order STICKERI always like having some educational holiday-themed activities handy for students who finish early. This is my newest one in my St. Patrick’s Day collection. It’s a simple ABC order with St. Patrick’s Day words.

Click here for the free PDF: St. Patricks Day ABC Order

Here are the answers:

  1. Clover
  2. Gold
  3. Green
  4. Ireland
  5. Luck
  6. Rainbow
  7. Shamrock

Counting Shamrocks

Counting Shamrocks STICKERI haven’t made anything for kindergarteners lately. And when I saw this cute mouse clip art, I just HAD to do something with it! And here’s my creation… counting shamrocks! Students should fill in the missing number (sequenced 1-16) and then write how many shamrocks there are total. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Click here for the free printable PDF: Counting Shamrocks

St. Patrick’s Day Grammatical Poetry

So many of my readers enjoyed my previous posts about grammatical poetry, that I decided to make some more. So here’s another one. It’s a fun language arts activity that will help your kids review grammar while composing their own poem about St. Patrick’s Day. Click here for the free printable PDF: Grammatical Poetry- St. Patrick’s Day

Here’s what the page looks like:

Grammatical Poetry- St Patricks

Click here for more grammatical poetry!

St. Patrick’s Day Persuasive Writing

St Patrick's Day Persuasive Writing STICKERI love leprechauns! Those pesky little guys spark so much creativity in my students! Here’s a fun writing activity for you to try. The persuasive writing prompt is this: Convince a leprechaun to tell you where his pot of gold is. Kids come up with the funniest reasons! I usually take some time to review what makes a good persuasive writing piece. In addition, I let the kids read their piece to two friends before they turn it in. This also makes a great bulletin board if you’ve got one where people can stand and read what’s on it.

Click here for the free printable PDF: St. Patrick’s Day Persuasive Writing

St. Patrick’s Day Story Starters (with planning sheet)

St. Patrick's Day Story Starters STICKER

I’ve found kids write better stories when they think about the parts of a story, plan them one at a time, and then put it together. This is exactly when my St Patrick’s Day story starters intended to go. I made two for my students to choose from. They use the picture as a spring board and then plan/write from there.

Click here for the free printable PDFs:
St Patrick’s Day Story Starter 1
St Patrick’s Day Story Starter 2

Want more story starters? Click here!

Candy Thank You Notes for Teachers & Staff

A fellow teacher recently showed me this thank you note she had received at Christmas time.

Candy Card- original

It made me think of a few things:

  1. How good it feels to be appreciated.
  2. How many people it takes to run a good school.
  3. How I show my appreciation to those I work with.

I’ve created this thank you printable (3 color options: blue, green and pink) to make it easier to show your appreciation to your fellow faculty and staff members. I know I don’t always have the budget or time to get a gift for each person who helps me in my job (librarian, cafeteria staff, maintenance staff, office workers, aides, etc.). So if you’re like me, feel free to print this page and attach some goodies (Snickers, Smarties and peanuts/any peanut candy). Be sure to write the recipient’s name in the blank space at the bottom. (These are also great for PTA/PTO groups doing teacher appreciation day.) Spread the love and your school will be all the better for it!

Green candy thank you notes

Click here for the printable thank you’s:
Blue Candy Thank You Notes for Faculty-Staff
Green Candy Thank You Notes for Faculty-Staff  (St. Patrick’s Day note?)
Pink Candy Thank You Notes for Faculty-Staff  (Valentine’s Day note?)

St. Partick’s Day Story Starter (Updated)

St Patrick's day story starter

Here’s an easy St. Patrick’s day writing project (for whole class use or as a fast finisher). Use the picture to get your creative juices flowing, and then make notes in the sections on the page. Then take it all the way through publishing.

Click here to download the free printable PDF: St Patrick’s Day Story Starter