Teacher Appreciation Poster Idea – Cinco de Mayo Theme

My friend recently shared this picture with me:

Teacher Appreciation Week - Cinco de Mayo

Their school celebrated teacher appreciation week the same week as Cinco de Mayo. I love how the parent who helped coordinate this poster combined the Cinco de Mayo and teacher appreciation themes! And what kid can resist taking a picture with a fake mustache!? 🙂

Send me photos of fun teacher appreciation ideas! Email them to squarehead teachers at gmail dot com.

What it Means to Be a Teacher

I recently came across a well written piece called “A Letter to My Children: What it Means to be a Teacher.” The author provides some insight to her own children about teaching. It’s definitely worth the read. Here are some of my favorite lines:

“Teachers don’t see their classrooms as places where you go to make rules and assign homework.”

“Teachers worry about their students the way I worry about you.”

“Teaching doesn’t open at 8:00 in the morning and close at 5:00 at night.”

“[Teaching] creates an eternal optimist of you. It reminds you that every life matters…”

“Teachers could have chosen any profession, but instead they chose to teach you.”

“Take the lessons of teachers with you: work to discover and be your best selves, see potential in others, extend kindness, and ask tough questions.”

“We spend one week each year remembering to appreciate teachers, but I want you to spend a lifetime teaching appreciation.”

Thank You Certificates

Thank You STICKER 1 Thank You STICKER 2

The school year is winding down, and it’s time to thank all those people who’ve helped make this year a success! Here are two printable thank you certificates you and your students can write and present to parents, other teachers and staff who’ve been helpful!  You can also use this during teacher or staff appreciation week.

Click to download the free printable PDFs:
Thank You Certificate
Thank You Certificate 2

Candy Thank You Notes for Teachers & Staff

A fellow teacher recently showed me this thank you note she had received at Christmas time.

Candy Card- original

It made me think of a few things:

  1. How good it feels to be appreciated.
  2. How many people it takes to run a good school.
  3. How I show my appreciation to those I work with.

I’ve created this thank you printable (3 color options: blue, green and pink) to make it easier to show your appreciation to your fellow faculty and staff members. I know I don’t always have the budget or time to get a gift for each person who helps me in my job (librarian, cafeteria staff, maintenance staff, office workers, aides, etc.). So if you’re like me, feel free to print this page and attach some goodies (Snickers, Smarties and peanuts/any peanut candy). Be sure to write the recipient’s name in the blank space at the bottom. (These are also great for PTA/PTO groups doing teacher appreciation day.) Spread the love and your school will be all the better for it!

Green candy thank you notes

Click here for the printable thank you’s:
Blue Candy Thank You Notes for Faculty-Staff
Green Candy Thank You Notes for Faculty-Staff  (St. Patrick’s Day note?)
Pink Candy Thank You Notes for Faculty-Staff  (Valentine’s Day note?)