What it Means to Be a Teacher

I recently came across a well written piece called “A Letter to My Children: What it Means to be a Teacher.” The author provides some insight to her own children about teaching. It’s definitely worth the read. Here are some of my favorite lines:

“Teachers don’t see their classrooms as places where you go to make rules and assign homework.”

“Teachers worry about their students the way I worry about you.”

“Teaching doesn’t open at 8:00 in the morning and close at 5:00 at night.”

“[Teaching] creates an eternal optimist of you. It reminds you that every life matters…”

“Teachers could have chosen any profession, but instead they chose to teach you.”

“Take the lessons of teachers with you: work to discover and be your best selves, see potential in others, extend kindness, and ask tough questions.”

“We spend one week each year remembering to appreciate teachers, but I want you to spend a lifetime teaching appreciation.”

Teacher Appreciation Door

dance doorI like how this door includes a picture of each kid dancing, since dance is the theme of the door. That could make for a really cute bulletin board also. Choose a verb and take a picture of each kid doing the verb. Use the photos as the decoration on your bulletin board.

This also reminds me of how important it is for teachers and their students to show gratitude to others. I used to allow my kids to make thank-you cards for staff and teachers as fast-finisher activities sometimes. It’s so important to teach upcoming generations about gratitude. Hopefully we are each doing our part to show thanks ourselves and teaching younger people to be thankful.