Teacher Appreciation Poster Idea – Cinco de Mayo Theme

My friend recently shared this picture with me:

Teacher Appreciation Week - Cinco de Mayo

Their school celebrated teacher appreciation week the same week as Cinco de Mayo. I love how the parent who helped coordinate this poster combined the Cinco de Mayo and teacher appreciation themes! And what kid can resist taking a picture with a fake mustache!? 🙂

Send me photos of fun teacher appreciation ideas! Email them to squarehead teachers at gmail dot com.

Teacher Appreciation Perks 2015

Being a teacher is hard work. It’s nice when people recognize that! Looks like McDonald’s is giving teachers some pretty sweet perks this year! They seem to be decided by region, so I’d do an internet search for your area. For example, in Arizona, McDonald’s is giving teachers a free extra value meal (and some get keytags for free beverages) and in Nevada, teachers get a free breakfast.

Click here for another great list of perks!

If you hear of any other valuable teacher perks, please comment below! Thanks!

Candy Thank You Notes

A friend recently sent me pictures of cute notes the principal gave each teacher during the “home stretch” of the school year:

crunch mint



They’re basically a double whammy of feel-good-ness! The recipient will feel good to know they’re appreciated and their taste buds will feel good to have a yummy treat! This would work for Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week, end of the year, thanking volunteers or for a mid-year pick-me-up. I decided to make my own version of these little thank you notes. Here they are:

thank you - crunch thank you - mint

thank you - mound


I left blank space at the bottom so I can attach a piece of candy to the bottom. Here are the free PDF files for your printing pleasure!
Candy Thank you note- crunch
Candy Thank you note- Mint
Candy Thank you note- Mound

Teacher Appreciation Door

dance doorI like how this door includes a picture of each kid dancing, since dance is the theme of the door. That could make for a really cute bulletin board also. Choose a verb and take a picture of each kid doing the verb. Use the photos as the decoration on your bulletin board.

This also reminds me of how important it is for teachers and their students to show gratitude to others. I used to allow my kids to make thank-you cards for staff and teachers as fast-finisher activities sometimes. It’s so important to teach upcoming generations about gratitude. Hopefully we are each doing our part to show thanks ourselves and teaching younger people to be thankful.

We Need S’MORE Teachers Like You!

s'more teachers like you

When I saw these pictures (submitted by a fellow teacher),  I just HAD to recreate this cute idea! It’s one of the cutest (and easiest) teacher appreciation gifts I’ve seen in a while… and who doesn’t like s’mores?!

s'more teachers like you 2

Here’s what you need:

  • ziplock bag (sandwich size)
  • chocolate (snack size)
  • marshmallow (not the mini ones)
  • graham cracker (1 rectangle broken into 2 squares)
  • the bag tag (printable below)

Put everything in the bag and attach the tag (fold in half, so you can read both sides properly). Done! 

s'mores bag tag printable

Gifts for Teachers

No, teachers don’t want everything with an apple on it. Yes, teachers love gift cards. No you don’t HAVE to get them anything for Teacher Appreciation Week, but yes they love when you do.  

But what to get them? I’ve scoured the internet to find the best ideas (on some pretty cute blogs) and here are some of my favorite ideas (click on the photo to see the complete post):








But what if you’re low on funding? Here are some ideas:

  • Write a thank you note.
  • Call the teacher and thank him/her.
  • Volunteer to come help in their classroom for 30 minutes or an hour.
  • Ask if there’s anything you can help the teacher do that can be sent home/completed/returned with your child.

It doesn’t matter what you do to show your appreciation, as long as you show it! And not just during Teacher Appreciation Week, as often as you can.  After all, who doesn’t want a nicer, more appreciative society?