Fun Group Games: Mumble Jumble & Hagoo

 Mumble Jumble group gameMumble Jumble: Before the activity begins, a Teacher will cut up a few pictures into puzzle pieces. Each group member will grab a piece of a puzzle from a bag. The group members will keep their puzzle piece to themselves until the Teacher says, “Go!” At this point, the group members will try to locate the other members of the group with the pieces to form the appropriate pictures. Whichever group does it first, wins. This is a good activity for breaking into smaller groups.

Hagoo Group game

Hagoo: Separate the group into two even groups and have them stand in two separate lines (shoulder to shoulder) facing each other. The two groups should be about three or four feet apart. The players at the opposite ends of each line are opponents. They will step out of the lines so they are facing each other and looking down the middle of the two rows (like an old cowboy shootoff). They will both say, “Hagoo,” and start to walk down the row toward each other. They must not break eye contact, and their object is to get to the opposite end of the line without laughing or smiling. When the players pass each other, they must continue to maintain eye contact. If a person breaks eye contact, laughs, or smiles, he then must join the end of the line of the opposing team. The teams can do or say any silly things to make the opposing player crack up, but they must be careful not to make their own player lose concentration. The teams may not touch another player. This process will continue until everyone has had a turn. The team with the most players at the conclusion of the game wins.

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