Gifts for Teachers

No, teachers don’t want everything with an apple on it. Yes, teachers love gift cards. No you don’t HAVE to get them anything for Teacher Appreciation Week, but yes they love when you do.  

But what to get them? I’ve scoured the internet to find the best ideas (on some pretty cute blogs) and here are some of my favorite ideas (click on the photo to see the complete post):








But what if you’re low on funding? Here are some ideas:

  • Write a thank you note.
  • Call the teacher and thank him/her.
  • Volunteer to come help in their classroom for 30 minutes or an hour.
  • Ask if there’s anything you can help the teacher do that can be sent home/completed/returned with your child.

It doesn’t matter what you do to show your appreciation, as long as you show it! And not just during Teacher Appreciation Week, as often as you can.  After all, who doesn’t want a nicer, more appreciative society?



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