Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt – Letters

So many of us are stuck at home right now during the COVID-19 pandemic, that I thought I’d make an easy “stay at home activity” (even though you can definitely do this in a classroom too!). Print one copy of this page per kid. Then look for an item that starts with the letter on the egg (little ones may need help from an adult). Once you’ve found something that starts with that letter, color in the shape the letter is in (the rest of the egg can be colored at the end). For older kids, consider having them write down the item name on the back of the page or in the margins. You can also have kids cut out the egg and decorate if further if you want to make this activity more in-depth. Stay healthy, everyone and happy Easter!

Click here to download the PDF:  Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt – Letters

Firework Letters Sort Activity

Fourth of July Letters preview

Tomorrow’s Fourth of July! Yay, America! Check out this free printable page all about sorting letters (consonant vs vowel). It’s simple: color the letters based on the type of letter. Then enjoy a hot dog and the fireworks!

Click here for the free printable PDF: Firework Letters

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OO Like Spoon – Worksheet

I made another freebie for We Are Teachers! It’s centered around the “oo” sound like in the word “spoon.” Click here to visit my post (and download the worksheet) over at We Are Teachers.

OO Like Spoon Preview

Before, Between, After – Letters Worksheet

I recently blogged about a number sequence/counting worksheet I made around the idea “before, between, after.” I thought it would work well for the alphabet as well. This will be a bit more challenging for kids, especially the section on what comes before a letter. However, I think this is still a valuable ABC exercise. Enjoy!

Before between after - letters STICKER

Click here for the free printable PDF: Before Between After – Letters

Missing Letters – St. Patrick’s Day ABC Worksheet

Check out this St. Patrick’s Day freebie I posted over at We Are Teachers recently! It’s perfect for pre-K or kindergarten, or students needing a review of the English alphabet. Enjoy!

Missing Letters PreviewClick here for more St. Patrick’s Day freebies!

Q-Tip Letter Painting (Preschool, Kindergarten Activity)

I recently saw this photo on a blog and thought I’d make you a printable to go with it!

Here’s my free printable PDF: Q tip painting letters   Use this letters page for your kids to trace with q-tips and paint, crayons or markers. To make things smoother for an entire class doing this activity, have kids write their name on the back before they start. If you’re doing this with a small group or single child, you can also help them practice fine motor skills by having them line up beads along the lines of the letters.  After your tracing activity is complete, cut up the letters and place them around the room on objects that start with that letter/sound. Enjoy!

Great Language Arts Ideas

I never get tired of Pinterest. There are so many great ideas, and it’s just fun! Here are some of my favorite finds as of late…

Use clips to connect the letter cards to make words. Also helps develop fine motor skills… and it’s just a fun way to activity to use with spelling words! (source)


Make a salt tray and grab some alphabet cards. Easy to make and kids have fun smoothing out the salt after correctly making the letter. (source)

Craft a kite that displays contractions! Super simple, and it would make a great classroom bulletin board! (source). Click here for more activities using contractions.

Upper & Lower Case Letters – Ice Cream Cones


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Free printable worksheet to practice matching upper and lowercase letters. This is something we practice over and over in kindergarten, but it’s critical to students’ literacy. Now letters really are delicious!

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