OO Like Spoon – Worksheet

I made another freebie for We Are Teachers! It’s centered around the “oo” sound like in the word “spoon.” Click here to visit my post (and download the worksheet) over at We Are Teachers.

OO Like Spoon Preview

Q-Tip Letter Painting (Preschool, Kindergarten Activity)

I recently saw this photo on a blog and thought I’d make you a printable to go with it!

Here’s my free printable PDF: Q tip painting letters   Use this letters page for your kids to trace with q-tips and paint, crayons or markers. To make things smoother for an entire class doing this activity, have kids write their name on the back before they start. If you’re doing this with a small group or single child, you can also help them practice fine motor skills by having them line up beads along the lines of the letters.  After your tracing activity is complete, cut up the letters and place them around the room on objects that start with that letter/sound. Enjoy!