6 No-Prep April Fools Day Pranks For Teachers

I’m bummed that April Fools Day 2017 falls on a Saturday. But if you’re one of those teachers who still has to pull a prank on your students, here are some ideas I’ve found. Also check out my ideas from previous years!

No Prep

Make a word search that has none of the words in it. Or, for the no-prep version, use mine! Click here to download: April Fools Word Search.

Ask for an important assignment, form or permission slip from last week that you never assigned. (source)

Talk but don’t say anything! Move your lips like you are talking. See how long you can keep going (don’t laugh!). You can do that on April Fools Day, or the day before. Then on April Fools Day, hand out a pop quiz or a crazy hard assignment on what you “said.”  (source)

“[I] put a sign in my door that said please use other door. THERE ISN’T ANOTHER DOOR! Lol they loved it!” -Reader, Tami H.


Some Prep

“I often play Bingo with my Spanish I students as a vocabulary review. Instead of each student having a different card, I made enough copies of one card and then gave them all the same card. It took them a while to catch on, but when they did, it was quite amusing!” – Anonymous Reader

“I usually point out a running course for them that will take FOREVER to complete and then say they have to finish in 3 minutes. As soon as they take off running I yell, “April Fools!” – Reader, TeacherTim (source)


What have you done to prank your students? Comment below (no sign-in required)!

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April Fool’s Day is Almost Here!

April Fool's STICKERDon’t forget that April Fool’s Day 2015 is next Wednesday! Have you already figured out activities or your teacher prank to knock the socks off your students? Check out these ideas:

Shrinking Attendance Clips

Brownies … or is it Brown E’s?

No Prep April Fool’s Day Pranks for Teachers

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April Fools Day Prank for Teachers: Shrinking Attendance Clips

My *awesomely clever* friend pulled this prank on her class yesterday: Her class has  attendance clothes pins (that each student moves first thing in the morning to show they’re present). Well yesterday, they shrunk! She went to Walmart and bought the tiny clothes pins and then wrote each student’s name on one. Then she clipped them where the regular sized ones always are. The kids “kind of freaked out!” Love it!!!

Rachel April Fools Prank

April Fool’s Day Prank: Brown E’s

(Submitted by a fellow teacher. I love that she even had napkins!)

Ms. L teaches first grade.  She told the kids she had a tasty surprise for them.  Then she had them close their eyes and see if they could smell the brownies.  They could she put a napkin on each desk then put a brown construction paper “E” (Brown E’s) on each desk.  One kid even took a bite.  They didn’t quite get it at first.  She told this in faculty meeting, and another teacher had heard that someone else at another school had done this too.

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April Fool’s Day Pranks For Teachers

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what kinds of jokes to play on your students on April Fool’s Day.  As always, make sure to use your best judgement when playing pranks. And make sure your pranks don’t conflict with school/district policies. Here are some suggestions I’ve gathered:

1. Switch classrooms for the day. When kids come in the door, it’s not their regular teacher they’ll see.

2. Kids in elementary schools have their names written on their tables/desks. Switch everybody’s last names around so they have their first name but some other kid’s last name.

3. A funny prank for little kids is to begin your lesson of the day with your mouth moving but no sound coming out. This REALLY freaks kids out.

4. April Fool’s day is near Easter and many classrooms dye eggs. Glue the eggs into the egg cartons and when kids try to pull them out…they won’t be able to. If you don’t hard boil the eggs, it’s even funnier.

5. When the first kid of the day calls out your name, tell the class, “that’s not my name children”. Make up a name for yourself and totally pretend like that’s been your name the entire year.

6. Glue a few pencils to the floor under your kid’s desks and then demand that they clean up their mess!

7. Re-arrange every kid’s desk or table in the room.

8. Announce that the fabulous field trip planned for today was cancelled because nobody brought in their permission slips on time.

9. Ask everyone to turn in their homework that was due TODAY and is worth 90% of their grade for this 9 weeks.

10. Take your best and brightest student aside and tell them they’re in danger of failing their grade for the year.

11. Tell your class that lunch is cancelled because the cafeteria ran out of food but everyone else at the school got to eat.

april fools day prank list sticker

12. Send several kids to the principals office for no reason. (Maybe warn the principal ahead of time.)

13. Tell your students that, because it’s a leap year, they have to stay in class 2 hours longer every day this month.

14. Assign the kids new seats and then re-assign again several times during the day.

15. Wear a Halloween costume and tell all the children they won’t get any candy this year because they didn’t dress up.

16. Call out ‘sick’ on Friday or Monday – Think your students want a longer weekend or to not have class on Monday? Have a fellow teacher come in, tell them you’re out sick but that you didn’t have time to find a substitute. Then have that teacher say something like ‘we trust you to be on your own for the rest of the day’ and then have them exit. See what happens. I wonder how long you can last watching them squirm and figure out what to do?

17. Tell your students you’re all going on a field trip to someplace fun at the end of the day – When it gets to be almost the end of the day, tell them that the ‘fun’ place is actually their homes! Zing!

18. Create an entirely new grading system – Tired of the ol’ A, B, and Cs (okay and sometimes Ds and Fs)? Then make up a completely arbitrary and confusing new grading system! For example, students who do well can get a ‘Frog’ and students who don’t do as well can get ‘Blue’ and others can be graded with a gold star. Something that totally confounds the human mind would be the best route to go here.

19. Tell your students the entire day’s class will be conducted via Twitter – Are you a tweacher? Why not just talk about teaching on Twitter and actually do all your teaching on the addictive social media tool? You can instruct students to follow a particular hashtag and then just start typing on your mobile phone in the front of class. Watch ‘em scramble and protest! (Not the best prank if there are not enough computers or other devices around, obviously.)

20. In the spirit of flipped classrooms, have one student chosen at random teach for the entire day – Or at least tell them that’s what they’re going to do. They obviously won’t have to but see how long you can go before the students runs out of things to say.

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I’m dying to hear about your April Fool’s Day pranks! Please comment below!