All About Mom (Mother’s Day Printable)

All About Mom STICKERI know we’re not anywhere near Mother’s Day, but I wanted to share it with you while I had some time. I love those pages where kids write about their parents! They’re so sweet (and often hysterical!). I researched questions often found on these forms and made one with my favorite questions. Here you go:

Click here to download the free printable: All About Mom

Grandparents Day Letter Template

Friendly Letter STICKER 1 friendly letter STICKER 2Here’s a friendly letter template I put together recently. It would be perfect to use for Grandparents Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. This could be nice final copy paper for your students’ letters. Or it could be for any letter… a thank you letter, a pen pal letter, you name it. It’s pretty basic. Enjoy!

Click here for the free PDF:
Letter to Grandparents 1
Letter to Grandparents 2


Toaster Tongs (Fun Mother’s Day Craft)

My grandma used to help us make these when we were little. They’re awesome. I mean, how awkward is it to try and get hot toast out of the toaster? Problem solved with a clothes pin and 2 fat wooden craft sticks.

Just glue 2 sticks to the clothes pin (so that they can pinch together) and decorate with markers, paint, puffy paint, etc. Don’t use glitter (it comes off and lands in the toaster) or crayon (the wax melts). Here are some examples a 2nd grade class made:

toaster tongs 1 copy

toaster tongs 2

Mother’s Day Card (Updated)

Here’s a simple idea for a Mother’s Day card. Easy prep, easy to complete, and fun for moms to receive!

1. Fold a piece of construction paper into a card (you can use the regular size or the 11″ x 17″ size).

2. Complete this page (click here: Mother’s Day card – inside) and glue it inside. NOTE: The PDF file has 2 different sizes for you to choose from, depending on how big you;re making the card.

3. Decorate the outside. Ta-da!

mother's day letter

What You Need to Know About Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

Here’s a free worksheet for kids that discusses the history and significance of Mother’s Day. Reading comprehension questions at the bottom. A huge thank you to all those loving moms out there!

Click here for the free printable PDF: Mother’s Day