Grandparents Day Letter Template

Friendly Letter STICKER 1 friendly letter STICKER 2Here’s a friendly letter template I put together recently. It would be perfect to use for Grandparents Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. This could be nice final copy paper for your students’ letters. Or it could be for any letter… a thank you letter, a pen pal letter, you name it. It’s pretty basic. Enjoy!

Click here for the free PDF:
Letter to Grandparents 1
Letter to Grandparents 2


Letter Template

friendly letter STICKERSometimes publishing a writing assignment on a special piece of paper adds some extra incentive and interest. Here’s a simple printable you can use for the final publishing step of a friendly letter assignment. Or if your kids like the idea of “from the desk of” letterhead, have them design their own.

Click here for the free printable: Letter Template