My Groundhog Day Prediction (Writing Activity)

Looking for some simple Groundhog Day fun? Here is my 2013 activity (click here) that focused on grammar.  I’m ready for a change, though, so I made this little writing activity for lower grades. PLEASE let it be Spring already!!! Happy Groundhog Day!

Click here to download the free PDF: My Groundhog Day Prediction

Self-Portrait Color Wheel (Collaborative Mural)

My friend, Rachel, recently helped coordinate this mind-blowing art project at her school:

Color Portraits


It incorporates so much good stuff into one project! Collaboration, color wheel discussion, self-portrait and drawing principles, and the list goes on. It’s especially cool to see the improvement kids make in drawing as they get older (there were drawings from all grades in the mural). Although it is a fair amount of work to put together, this art project is definitely something that all the kids (and community members) will love to look at. Finally, the kids who participated can feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that they contributed and that as part of a team, they accomplished something they could never do on their own. Great job, Rachel!

Here’s some information about how you can organize this project.

3-2-1 Note Taking Graphic Organizer

321 Notes STICKERI recently saw another variation on this same note-taking organizer and decided to make one with my own Squarehead spin! So, I present to you (drum roll please…) my 3-2-1 notes graphic organizer! Students will write 3 things they learned, 2 questions they still have and 1 picture illustrating understanding (teacher can specify what they should draw if needed).

Click here to download the free PDF: 321 Notes – graphic organizer

Tangles: Art Ideas for Upper Grades

I’m not a super-awesome artist. And I’m not the world’s best art teacher either. But I try my best to give my kids exposure to a variety of art experiences. I recently came across the art concept called Tangles. These cool pattern drawings blow my mind! But when you see how they’re broken down into steps, they’re totally (awesomely!) doable. You can find of Tangle pattern ideas, by searching “Tangle Pattern” on Pinterest! I can’t wait to try these with my class! Here are some of my favorites:



Also check out my post on cool geometric coloring pages for upper grades!
You can find all kinds of cool pages like the one below!

geometric coloring pages

Finish the Drawing- Halloween Page

Finish the Drawing- Halloween 1 STICKER

I recently saw an idea like this and thought I’d share it with you. Have your students finish drawing this haunted house and then color it. It’s a fun starter for a discussion on word choice or adjectives (describing your picture) or setting (since many spooky stories take place in a haunted house). It also makes a great art project using symmetry! Enjoy!

Click here for the free printable PDF: Finish the Drawing- Halloween 1

Click here for more free Halloween stuff and click here for more art/crafts!

Fun Halloween Art/Craft Projects for Kids

Half Spider (with free printable template)

Oil Pastel Resist Pumpkin

 (Edvard Munch’s) “The Scream” Blow Painting

starlight pumpkinsStarlight Pumpkins (Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd grade)


Learn How To Draw

Ok, let me be real with you. I’m not a great artist… not even close. But that doesn’t mean I can’t teach kids to enjoy drawing. Here are some links to pages to help you with this endeavor:

Printable pages to teach/encourage simple drawing

Drawing Animals (Web pages that show step by step) 

Drawing owls (This project is a favorite of mine)

Simple animals (with printable, see below)