Tangles: Art Ideas for Upper Grades

I’m not a super-awesome artist. And I’m not the world’s best art teacher either. But I try my best to give my kids exposure to a variety of art experiences. I recently came across the art concept called Tangles. These cool pattern drawings blow my mind! But when you see how they’re broken down into steps, they’re totally (awesomely!) doable. You can find of Tangle pattern ideas, by searching “Tangle Pattern” on Pinterest! I can’t wait to try these with my class! Here are some of my favorites:



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You can find all kinds of cool pages like the one below!

geometric coloring pages

Awesome Coloring Pages for Older Kids!

6th graders tell me they don’t like to color… until I show them these geometric coloring pages. At the Charter school I’m currently working with, I don’t seem to be able to copy enough to keep up with the demand! (Everyone likes them… kindergarten through high school). There are lots of websites that have these for free, so just do a search for  “geometric coloring pages” and you’ll find gobs.

Here’s one of my favorite websites to get geometric coloring pages!

geometric coloring pages