Color Word Butterflies

Sight words are key. Colors are usually some of the first sight words taught because they are are in so many worksheet directions! “Color this thing red if it blah blah blah” or “circle all of the blah blah blahs with green.” This page is just for learning those color names sight words. Easy-peasy worksheet, and kids will be able to do so much more when they know color words by sight!color-word-butterflies-preview Click here to download the full-size PDF: color-word-butterflies

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Colorful Balloons – Color Practice

Colorful Balloons stickerColors. I love them! Yup, I love them.

But they’re not just for fun. Most basic color words are kindergarten sight words (check out my free printable list) and being able to recognize color words is important for kids to be able to complete higher level tasks. Here’s my fun, but simple color word recognition:

Click here for the free printable PDF: Colorful balloons

Self-Portrait Color Wheel (Collaborative Mural)

My friend, Rachel, recently helped coordinate this mind-blowing art project at her school:

Color Portraits


It incorporates so much good stuff into one project! Collaboration, color wheel discussion, self-portrait and drawing principles, and the list goes on. It’s especially cool to see the improvement kids make in drawing as they get older (there were drawings from all grades in the mural). Although it is a fair amount of work to put together, this art project is definitely something that all the kids (and community members) will love to look at. Finally, the kids who participated can feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that they contributed and that as part of a team, they accomplished something they could never do on their own. Great job, Rachel!

Here’s some information about how you can organize this project.

Graphing Balloons (K-2)

Balloons 1 previewI have an exciting announcement to make! I’ve been going nuts trying to keep it secret! I’ve been asked to blog over at the fabulous teacher site, We Are Teachers! They’ve got tons of good information for teachers and getting a hang of the teacher lifestyle. I’m still getting used to the differences between blogging platforms, but I’ve already learned a ton! My first post over there was a two page graphing activity for lower grades. It’d be perfect for K-2, depending on the students.

Click here to check out my post and get the free printable!

Winter Pattern Art Project

I recently came across the following picture and I instantly wanted to try making one!

Zentangle by Tiny Rotten Peanuts

I think it’d be even cooler with holiday themed shapes like hearts, clovers, snowflakes, etc. So I played around on my computer and came up with this. If you teach a lower grade class, maybe have your students color a section with a single color rather than trying to add the complexity of coming up with a pattern for that sections. Feel free to try it and let me know how it goes!

Snowflake Pattern Art STICKER

Click here to view the free printable PDF:Crazy snowflakes

Kindergarten Sight Words List (Updated)

Here’s my list of kindergarten sight words. They’re organized by month of the school year, and each month includes a color word to focus on. This would also be a great list of words to start working on with your preschooler if you’re looking to get a jump on literacy!

Click here for the free printable PDF: Kinder Sight Words by Month

kindergarten sight words by month

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It’s Not Just “Red”… It’s “Vermilion!” (Synonyms Group Activity)

synonyms- redTeaching kids to use “good words” in their writing is hard. It’s not always easy to find a good synonym for “red” but this activity should help broaden their diction horizons. Divide your class into 10 groups. Pass out one color synonym sheet and a thesaurus to each group. Instruct each group to find as many synonyms for their color as possible. Then have them draw a border around their sheet using the color they searched. Post these somewhere in the room for a few days so students can browse the synonyms.

Click here for the PDF: synonyms- color collection

This same idea can be done with common nouns and adjectives such as “big,” “said,” “like,” “fast,” etc. Here are some photos of this idea being used in a classroom…

P1030364 P1030363 P1030362 P1030361 P1030360 P1030359 P1030358

Crafty Paper Roller-Coaster

Seeing this project made my heart melt. This is a craft I saw in a kindergarten class. It’s a paper roller-coaster! The teacher talked about primary colors and then let them use strips of colored construction paper to build roller-coasters! They used card stock for the base and regular white glue to build the coaster. I just love it!


I took these pictures a few days after they did the project, so the paper isn’t as strong and got kinda floppy. Sorry!

rollercoaster 2