Marble Painting

Here’s a fun art idea I did this past week. It’s extra cool because pretty much any age artist will have a good time. The older artists will have better control of the marbles, but regardless, it turns out neat. (CAUTION: potentially messy, as with most painting projects!)

marble painting


  • paint (we used washable, since we were doing this with kinders)
  • marbles
  • cookie sheet, cake pan, box lid (should have used something with a taller edge since we had younger artists)
  • paper (any size, color)
  • paint containers
  • plastic spoons


  1. Pour paint colors into small containers and place a plastic spoon in each.
  2. Place paper in box lid (or whatever you’re using)
  3. Place marbles in paint containers (we used 3 in each color).
  4. Spoon out marbles and place on paper
  5. Gently tip the box lid so the marbles roll around on the paper.
  6. Put marbles back in their paint container.
  7. Repeat with more marbles, colors until you’re satisfied… or you’re too messy!




2 thoughts on “Marble Painting

  1. I second that project. My daughter did it in preschool and we did it again at home. Every picture came out different and they were very fun to create.

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