Warm & Fuzzy Jar… Class Compliments System

Motivating students to have good behavior is a constant struggle. Here’s one way a teacher encourages her students. After teaching and practicing expectations and appropriate behavior, the teacher introduces this “warm and fuzzy jar.” When the class earns compliments from adults on campus, they get “warm fuzzies” in the jar. When the class fills up the jar, they earn a predetermined reward (like an extra 15 minute recess, a class game, etc). The first time the students are trying to fill up the jar, they get 5 warm fuzzies per compliment (which are actually hard to get from your average adult walking around campus). Each time they class is trying to fill the jar after that, the amount earned for each compliment goes down… So far, it’s been very helpful she says. But she suggests getting the biggest pom-poms you can find at the craft store, or using a relatively small jar.

class compliments- warm fuzzies Jar


2 thoughts on “Warm & Fuzzy Jar… Class Compliments System

  1. Nice! I’m going to share this with a teacher I know who needs all the help he can get with behavior management. Maybe this can help him.

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