Easy Parts of Speech Program

Parts of speech can be pretty lame to teach (and hard to teach) if you don’t have a good, painless way to do it a little at a time. Here’s what one school does:

  • Each part of speech is assigned a color (adjectives are brown, nouns are blue, etc.)
  • Each classroom has the same posters up (so there’s consistency as the kids move through the grades).
  • Teachers use sticky tabs to add examples of the part of speech to the poster.
  • The class diagrams a sentence on the board by moving magnets (foam squares with a magnet on the back) above the words to identify them.
  • Kids record these sentences and identify parts of speech in their literacy notebooks.

Parts of speech posters.


Parts of speech posters.



Literacy journal page


Magnets for diagramming sentences on the board.


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