Spread Smiles Award

Spread a smile awardWow! Thank you to K-Min Cookin’ for nominating Squarehead Teachers for the Spread Smiles Award! (and yes, it did make me smile when I read I’d been nominated.)


  1. List 7 things that make you smile
  2. Write something that will make readers smile
  3. Nominate 7 blogs that make you smile (They’ll smile when you tell them they’ve been nominated.)

1. 7 Things That Make Me Smile

  1. Milo & Otis (yeah, that old movie about a puppy and a kitty!)
  2. Weekly emails from my family
  3. A new package of colorful Sharpies!
  4. Tender mercies of the Lord (there are no such thing as coincidences; only tender mercies)
  5. Getting all green lights on my way to work!
  6. A clean house
  7. Seeing the delight on kids’ faces when they win an award at a school assembly

2. Write Something That’ll Make Readers Smile

A few months ago, I was in a 2nd grade classroom and had the following comical conversation with two of the boys:

Boy 1: “Say this 2 times fast: two”

Me: “two two”

Boy 1: <laughing hysterically >

Me: “Do you know what a tutu is?”

Boy 1: “Yeah, it’s the dress that dance girls wear.”

Me: “Yes. Ballerinas wear tutus.”

Boy 2:”And the dance boys wear skinny jeans!”

Boy 1: “Yeah, I’m wearing skinny jeans today just like those dance boys!”

Boy 2: “I’m wearing skinny jeans too! I could be a dance boy in these pants.”

3. Nominate 7 Blogs

Our Busy Homeschool

Elementary Organization

Married Claire

Hi Sugarplum!


High Hill Homeschool

Perfectly Imperfect Momma


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