Funny Stuff Kids Say & Do

I’m going to start collecting funny things kids say and do at school. If you have a funny experience, let me know and I’ll post it here! Thanks!

This past week, and next week, we have to do lots of testing, so we do lots of busy work.  We have been doing science (the seasons) and social studies (patriotic symbols).  One of my kids came to me and said, “Mrs. W., when are we going to do some real science?”  I asked her what she meant.  She said, “You know, dissecting frogs.”  I told her that is a middle school or high school thing.  She then told me that her sister had done it in second grade!  I think she is misinformed!  Can you imagine – dissecting a frog in second grade?! – Diane, 2nd grade teacher

On my first day of teaching, I ate lunch with my students. One of my students asked me if I had ever tried his mother’s sloppy joes! –  Cultivating Questioners, 2nd grade teacher

So I used to sweat…a lot…during my first year of teaching. I guess it was a combination of nerves and a warm classroom. One day, a student raised his hand after seeing my large sweat rings on my shirt and says, “Mrs. Shook, yo underpits is wet!” I just about died laughing at that one!  – Kayla, 4th grade teacher

I was in an elementary school nurse’s office today. I tiny little girl (must have been a kindergartner) standing against the wall accidentally scooted under the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser… yup. The machine squirted foam on her head! I was trying SO hard not to crack up laughing!!! -Mindy, Squarehead Teachers


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