Looking for Guest Bloggers!

Hello friends and readers! I’m looking to beef up Squarehead Teachers and I’d like your help! I’m searching for a few guest bloggers to feature on my website. I’m looking for ORIGINAL posts less than 500 words long (so readers can finish them in 5-10 minutes or less). I’m interested in delivering ideas in an easy-to read, concise way.

Become a guest blogger

Here are some topics I’d like to publish more information about:

  • Things to know when deciding to home school
  • Best free resources for home schooling families
  • Best free tech tools for educators
  • Things you wish someone had told you before you started teaching, home schooling or before your kids went off to school
  • Cool classroom projects (including art/crafts) you’ve done/your kids have done
  • Top X best things about being a teacher
  • Any gems of valuable teaching knowledge you think the world should know!

As one of my guest authors, you can include a short bio (75 words or less) about you on your post with a link to your own website or blog. This means more potential traffic to your site! I welcome pictures (include link to source if it’s not your own original photo), bullets, and helpful hints! So contact me if you’re interested in being a guest author on Squarehead Teachers! … Or if you’d like me to write a post for your blog (I do that too)! Thanks!

Please leave a comment (No sign-in required). Thanks!

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