Teacher Contact Cards

Teacher Contact Cards STICKERIt’s really helpful, if not essential, to have open channels of communication with the parents of your students. That all starts with sharing contact information. Here’s a free editable file you can use to make your own teacher contact cards. Hand these out to parents at the beginning of the year or throughout the year as needed. Encourage parents to keep this in their wallet or somewhere they won’t lose it, so they can communicate to you conveniently and quickly if needed. Enjoy!

Click here to download the files (2 styles):
Teacher Contact Cards – Editable
Teacher Contact Cards – soft colors – Editable

1 thought on “Teacher Contact Cards

  1. I liked the “GHOST” it is really cute decoration for Halloween. I’m a Spanish Teacher, I think I’ll use it as a craft idea for Spanish Club for celebration of “Dia de Muertos” Day of the Dead party!

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