Bloom’s Taxonomy: Questioning

I know you’ve all learned about Bloom’s Taxonomy. But, if you’re like me, all you remember is that it involves different levels of thinking and questioning. Well, here’s a helpful review if you’re fuzzy on the different questioning types within Bloom’s Taxonomy. 

Discuss the following questions after reading Little Red Riding Hood:

List the items Little Red Riding Hood carries with her.
Name the characters in the story.
Match the character with their items (example: grandma with nightgown, Little Red with basket)

Explain why the Wolf came to the grandma’s house.
Describe the forest Little Red Riding Hood walked through.
Organize the events of the story to be in order.

Demonstrate how the Wolf would disguise himself if he came to your house.
Model how Little Red Riding Hood responded when she saw the Wolf in the grandma’ s bed.
Translate the wolf’s actions into words. What does he mean when he glares at Little Red Riding Hood?

Compare this story to reality. What events could not really happen?
Diagram the grandma’s house.
Summarize the plot.

Propose how the story would be different if it were Little Red Riding Hood and the Dolphin instead of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.
Elaborate on why Little Red Riding Hood went to visit the grandma.
Design the outside of the grandma’s house

Judge whether the wolf was good or bad. Defend your opinion.
Recommend another way Little Red Riding Hood could have reacted when she met the wolf in the woods.
Defend the wolf’s actions.

Notice how the levels increase in difficulty? Try throwing in some higher levels of Blooms Taxonomy next time you’re creating a test or just discussing your guided reading book.

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