Why Creative Dance?

Creative dance should be included in elementary school curriculum because of its unique contributions. First, dance helps teach and reinforce culture. Culture encompasses all of the values, themes and activities that are important to a croup of people. By retaining, studying and expressing culture, students can strengthen their core knowledge of who they are. Educators can help children learn about themselves and the world around them by teaching culture through the arts. In addition, creative dance shows students the value of cooperation and collaboration. Collaboration and cooperation help our world problem-solve and improve situations. It is crucial that students learn the value of working as a team to accomplish a single goal. The arts require multiple areas of skill, which come from many people. This requirement to work together to produce a beautiful piece of art, and specifically creative dances, can help teach students that people need each other and that all have something to contribute to life. Teachers have an amazing opportunity to instill in their students life skills that cannot be taught as effectively in many other situations. If teachers use creative dance effectively, students will enjoy learning while they dance.
For more info, see Creating Meaning Through Literature and the Arts by C.Cornett (2007). Columbus, OH: Pearson Education, Inc. 

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