Come on Over! (Dance Instructions)

So many teachers are intimidated by teaching dance or movement activities to their students. Here’s a pretty easy dance I came up with using simple movements most people already know or can pick up easily. The sequence repeats, giving kids a chance to learn it and progress throughout the song. Remember that it’s helpful to call out the actions ahead of time. I have listed the words you can day (C) and the actions you do (D). I’d suggest calling out the actions a few times by yourself before you try to teach it. Good luck and have fun!

SONG: Come On Over
ARTIST: Christina Aguilera
CHORUS/CONGA LINE                                                                                  COME ON OVER
Formation: Chorus Line/Conga Line                                           Rhythm: 4/4
Position: hand in low V/hands on shoulders                           Measure: 8
Footwork: all start left                                                                       Music: Come On Over (Christina Aguilera)
Grade Level: 5th/6th


Grapevine– Step side L, cross R ft behind L, step side L, R ft touch next to L ft. Repeat grapevine to R. On second grapevine, place hands on shoulders of dancer in front of you in the conga line. On third grapevine, hands in low V. Repeat, switching hands each time.

Walk– Take 4 walking steps forward starting with L ft (LRLR). Walk back starts with L ft also.

Shoot– Similar to the two step. Start L to make the L unit. Step L ft diagonally left, R ft close to L ft, step L ft diagonally left. Repeat with R side for R unit. Hands in pointing the in the shape of pistols, doing same as feet.

Paddle– With weight on L ft, turn L 1 full turn as pushing R ft around at side to create momentum un 4 cts. Repeat R paddle.

Quarter Turn– Step L ft forward, touch R ft while turning to L, cross R ft over L, touch L foot. On repeat, formation becomes a conga line. On second repeat, formation changes back to chorus line.

MEAS             CALL

Intro     grapevine left do it now

1          (C) grapevine right do it now

(D) side behind side touch

2           (C) walk forward do it now

(D) side behind side touch

3         (C) shoot forward do it now

(D) walk walk walk walk

4          (C) walk back do it now

(D) step together step, step together step

5         (C) paddle left do it now

(D) walk, walk, walk, walk

6          (C) paddle right do it now

(D) paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle

7          (C) quarter turn do it now

(D) paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle

8         (C) grapevine left do it now

(D) step point, step point

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