Electronics Party

When I taught 6th grade, I had a hard time finding whole class incentives that my kids would get jazzed about. One day, I was brainstorming ideas with some other teachers and came up with the idea for an electronics party. Students would be able to bring in approved electronic devices for use during a specified time on the day of our party. After getting approval from my principal (don’t forget this step!), I brought the idea to my class. They LOVED it! We discussed what electronics would and would not be allowed (I had discussed this list with the principal).

One of the main concerns for the party was students electronic devices getting stolen. In order to deal with this, I required the following permission slip/letter signed and returned before any student could bring any electronics.

{copy and paste the letter below if you need a permission slip like this for an electronics party. Please review it with your principle before going ahead with it!!!}
Please Sign and Return To School
Dear Parents,
As a class reward winning the weekly Road To Success reading minutes competition, our class has earned an “Electronics Party.” Our party will take place after lunch on Friday afternoon. Students may bring their own personal hand-held game player (PSP, GameBoy, etc.), MP3 player (with headphones) or other electronic games. Please do not send laptops, game systems (Xbox, Wii, etc.), games for those systems or other expensive electronics with your student. Any electronics brought to school are the responsibility and liability of the student. They are to be left in backpacks until after lunch.  Please indicate below if you give your permission for your student to bring an electronic device.
Thank you,
{my name}
 I give my student, ________________________, permission to bring _______________ _________________________ to school for the electronics party on Friday, January 7, and I understand that my student is responsible for it.
Parent signature_________________________        date_________________________

On the day of the party, I wheeled in the 2 Wii game systems our school had the party for about an hour. 2 of the 3 6th grade classes at our school tried this and loved it. The only work for me as the teacher was communication with parents before the party and setting up the Wii systems (during my lunch break). The kids loved it, and it pretty effortless on my part. Best of all, it motivated them!!!


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