Improving Student Motivation

I once had a parent tell me she was having a hard time motivating her child to do homework, etc. and asked if there were any things I could do in the classroom to help. I tried to find something at school, but outside our classroom that might be motivating to the student, (who was on student council) and I tried to find a few things inside the classroom that I could personally be in control of that might help with motivation. Here’s what I wrote to her:

Hi [parent name],

            As far as motivation/consequences for turning in assignments goes, there are a few options that come to mind.
1.      Student council- student council reps must be in high behavioral and academic standing or they’ll be dismissed. I don’t think that will happen, but it might help with motivation…
2.      I use tickets in my classroom and sometimes homework passes. If she’s motivated by that kind of thing, I can use more of them with her.
3.      Also, I could let her choose her classroom job for the following week if she turns everything in on Friday (some kids care what job they have and others don’t)…
I’ll keep thinking about that and let you know if anything better comes to mind.
[My name]

What are other ideas you’ve seen/heard of that have been effective in motivating students? Please comment!


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