Geometry Safari

When I taught in a GATE 3rd grade class, we studied basic geometric shapes. As one of our projects, we mad a geometry safari. The school had a few digital cameras that I checked out for the project.

1. BRAINSTORM. We discussed what a safari tour would be like and what the tour guide might say to direct your attention to certain things that are cool to see. We wrote a basic script that each pair of students could model their own script after.

2. PLAN. In pairs, the students went around the classroom and the school looking for 3 geometric shapes they could write about in their script and point out for the camera.

3. FILM. I had 2 parent volunteers come in to help make sure the cameras were used appropriately. Since our school didn’t have tons of cameras, students had other seat work to be doing while it was not their turn to be filming. Each pair made a movie clip about 30 seconds long.

4. WATCH & CELEBRATE. I used Windows Movie Maker to put all of the movies together with a short intro and short credits list at the end. Then we watched the entire safari as a class. The kids loved seeing themselves on-screen and applauded each other when their friends’ videos came up.


Overall, it was a great way to incorporate technology into classroom activities and review geometric shapes.


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