Easy DIY Files for Super Organization!

Teachers do a lot of filing. A lot. I file everything, in my classroom and at home. It gets expensive to keep buying manila folders, and sometimes I want to have a file in a file to make a subcategory. But what to do? As far as I know, there aren’t any folders out there that fit well into other folders. So, like many teachers, I make them. Recently, I helped out with a project in the school office that required me to make a bunch of sub folders for each student’s cumulative file. I cut 18″ x 12″ construction paper down to 17.5″ x 11.5″. Then I folded the sheet in half (with about 1/3 inch bigger on one side so I could label it). These fit perfectly into regular, purchased folders but weren’t thick enough to be awkward in the original manila folder. We color coded the subfiles by making them out of different colored paper (orange for GATE subfile, tan for health subfile, etc.). It really didn’t take very long on the paper cutter, and it was a cheap solution to an important organization need.


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