Halloween Art Project: Picasso’s Frankenstein

When I saw this the other day in a third grade classroom, I just had to snap a photo. What a cute idea to make a Frankenstein in the style of Pablo Picasso! After looking at examples of Picasso’s work, students used construction paper, scissors and glue to create their own version of Frankenstein. Awesome!

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9 thoughts on “Halloween Art Project: Picasso’s Frankenstein

    • Sorry, I don’t I saw this up in a classroom, and was only able to snap a quick photo. But I’d take a sheet of green paper and cut a head shape. Then I’d trace the outline of one side of the head shape onto a second piece of green paper (lighter shade). Then cut a wiggly/jagged edge down the 2nd side of the lighter one. Then glue the lighter (smaller) piece on top of the whole head shape and start decorating. Sorry, If I ever get to visit that classroom again, I’ll ask the teacher. Thanks for stopping by!

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