Leftover Holiday Stuff Makes the Best Classroom Prizes!

My mom raised 4 kids, so we ended up getting a pretty good collection of Halloween junk (you know those small pumpkin buckets people fill with candy, window clings we never even used, stickers my mom had gotten during the after-Halloween sale, etc). One summer, we went through all our holiday boxes (everything from Christmas and Valentine’s Day to St. Patrick’s and 4th of July) and found tons of stuff that was still good that we weren’t ever going to use and wasn’t worth holding on to for the future grandkids. So we came up with a brilliant plan… use them to fill the “treasure chest” in my mom’s classroom! We had so much stuff from all the holidays that she gave out tons of prizes all the time for good behavior and she didn’t have to buy anything from teacher catalogs or Oriental Trading Company for an entire year! So ask around… see if anyone has unused (or slightly used, depending on the item) stuff they’d like to donate to your classroom!


1 thought on “Leftover Holiday Stuff Makes the Best Classroom Prizes!

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