My Pilgrim Friends: Thanksgiving Character Description Writing Activity

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to meet or be friends with a real Pilgrim? Well, after introducing life in Plymouth, Massachusetts, students can answer this question and practice writing skills at the same time. Here’s a really simple activity:

1. Print the coloring page  to the left (right click, choose “save image as” so you can save it to your computer and resize it later). You can print one for the whole class to look at or one for each student if you’d like.

2. Help the students brainstorm things they know about pilgrims. What are their names? What do they do everyday? What was their life like before they came to America?

3. Assign each student to write a character description of these two Pilgrims.  Then color in the picture (if you gave one to each student).

4. Display the projects proudly for all to see!


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