The Ultimate Teacher Organization

Every teacher faces the problem of keeping organized for the upcoming week. Teachers use files, folders, trays and magazine boxes. I’ve tried to stay organizes, but it wasn’t until I saw this that I felt like I’d stuck gold!

This teacher has a stack of 4 trays for each day. She has trays for math, literacy, science and social studies. She puts misc. papers on top of each stack for the day. She uses this system to stay ahead, since she has a place where she can store materials for a project in a few days. Her classroom doesn’t have tons of counter space, so this is a good fix. In addition, she has an organized place where she can put papers to send home, copies of a homework page to hand out in a few days etc. In addition, she can store papers she uses on a certain day of the week (like the spelling list for Friday’s test). I’m all about being organized, so I’m totally jealous!!



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