Organizing Your Teacher Bookshelf

I love having gobs of “teacher” books to use… you know, those books of reproducibles, fun ideas, picture books you don’t want your students messing up, etc. The problem with having lots of them is it can be easy to forget you have them – unless you have a good organizing system for them. Here are some systems that seem to work (a picture’s worth a thousand words, so here they are):

Use card stock to separate picture books by theme.

Use magazine boxes to sort those skinny paperback books.

I also used to use magazine boxes to hold sets of worksheets I had already run off but wasn’t using right then. I had a box for math copies, literacy copies, science copies, etc. Having my copies sitting vertically (rather than stacked on top of each other) made it a lot quicker for me to look through them and find copies I was looking for. One thing I did differently from the photo above was I made the label on each box a different color so it would be easy for me to tell them apart. I’m not super into cutesy stuff, so I didn’t have those darling little pictures on my tags. Totally personal preference though; whatever works for you! 🙂

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