Paint A Pig (Craft Project)

Paint a pig printableHere’s a fun, easy craft project that’s simple enough that my kindergarten kids figured it out with hardly any help. Each kid decorated their pig however they wanted. Then they told each other a story about how the pig came to look the way it looked. The stories got pretty wild (which is the fun part). You could even go on to focus on adjectives that describe the pig, nouns the pig likes, write a story about the pig, etc. Have fun!

Click here for the free printable: Paint a Pig – Printable

paint a pig 5 paint a pig 4 paint a pig 2 paint a pig 1

Here’s a fun song that goes with little piggies:

“Five Dancing Piggies”   (“Five Little Monkeys” tune)

Five little piggies dancing in the dirt,

One fell down and he got hurt.

Mama came running from across the farm

And put that piggy inside the barn…

Repeat until no piggies are left.

No more piggies dancing in the dirt,

They all fell down; they all got hurt.

Outside, no piggies can be found.

They’re all indoors, safe and sound.


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