Full Throttle to the Finish (End-of-the-Year Bulletin Board)

Full Throttle to the Finish Bulletin Board PrintableIt’s hard to keep kids motivates at the end of the year. Sometimes it’s good to have an activity that will give everyone a quick break.  Here’s a bulletin board idea that will do just that. Click here to see my Back To school Bus and Just Keep Truckin’ posts (similar bulletin board ideas).  First, have the students make their car (directions on the printable itself and also below).

Click here for the free printable PDF: Full Throttle Bulletin Board

Decorate your car according to these directions:

  1. Draw yourself in the window.
  2. Write your name and favorite number on the door.
    1. In the bottom half of the car’s body, draw a picture of something you’ve accomplished this year.
  3. If you are a boy, draw stripes in the wheels. If you are a girl, draw dots in the wheels. Use your favorite color.
  4. Color rest of the car using your favorite color.

Once all the students finish, have each student present their car to the rest of the class. If your class is large, limit each student to 1 minute to share or allow students to only share their car with those near them. Then put each car up on a bulletin board and call it something clever (“Full Throttle to the Finish”, “Travelling Down the Road to Success”, or something…).


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