Return to Sender: No Name Papers


Dealing with “no name papers” has always been a test of patience for me. I mean, how hard is it to write your NAME on a paper!? (Ok, I’m off my soap box now.) Here’s one idea I saw that takes care of this problem. The teacher simply puts no name papers in this tray and empties it (into the recycle) after school on Friday.  This way, kids have a few days to retrieve papers, but they don’t sit around forever in her room.

I think I would add this feature to the system: Make a stamp that says “return to sender” or something else distinct that would indicate that it was received without a name. Then when kids write their name on it and resubmit it, they get a small point deduction, but can still get some credit for it. I know stamping no-name papers is an extra step for the teacher, so just make the judgement call for your own classroom.


7 thoughts on “Return to Sender: No Name Papers

  1. Dear Teacher,

    I love the idea of the pre-recycle box for students to check, but I love the “Return to Sender” idea the most! Very cool! I am so going to look for a stamp for this! I love it! You are awesome! Keep on teaching, Teacher.

    Love, Teacher

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