Make Your Own Visual Creative Writing Prompts

I was helping a fellow teacher go through her classroom and we found tons of interesting posters and pictures she’d collected over the years. It had been hard for her to incorporate everything into lessons, but she didn’t want to part with them. Here was our solution: use them as writing prompts! It took about 10 seconds per poster and we paper clipped each prompt to the poster so she could slap them on the board really quickly. We wrote each prompt by hand, but we could have easily just typed them. We wrote potentially new vocabulary words in a different color, so she could point it out to students if they needed help spelling, etc. These were a few of the many prompts we made:P1050833 P1050835 P1050837 P1050838

This same idea could be easily applied to a variety of ways. Use pictures of historical people, events and places to review social studies. Give a strange picture from a magazine to your child when they begin a car ride, and have them write down a certain number of nouns, verbs, or adjectives before the ride is over in order to earn a special something. But whatever you do, have fun with it!


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