ABC Fitness Activities for Kids

ABCs fitness activities stickerKids need physical fitness incorporated into their everyday activities. I recently saw an idea to come up with a physical activity for each letter of the alphabet. For older kids, it might be fun to have them help you come up with ideas. Then when you need a quick break or an activity idea, look to your list and start checking them off. Soon you’ll have completed 26 + different physical activities! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Alphabet Exercises

– Act like a cat

– Bend at the knees, bike ride, balance beam (or walk on a curb)

– Chair pose, crab walk

– Dance, duck walk

– Elephant steps

F – Fly like a bird

– Gallop

H – Hugs, hop on one foot

– Itsy bitsy steps

J – Jump, jump squats

K – Kick

L – Leg lifts, leap frog

M – March

N – Noisy steps

O – Open and shut arms

P – Pop up, push ups

Q -Quiet hops, quick steps

R – Run, race, relay race

S -Side steps, shoot hoops, shuttle run

T – Turns, throw a ball

U – Under momma’s legs

V – Vacuum, V sits

W – Wiggles, wall sits

X – “X” jumping jacks

Y – Yoga (downward dog)

Z – Zig zag steps



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